Cloud Software

supplierENGAGE™ improves the efficiency, accuracy and cost effectiveness of interactions between retailers and suppliers.

UBX Cloud Services integrate and involve your suppliers in Customer Engagement activities around product quality, innovation, incidents/feedback and Brand initiatives.


Professional Services

We offer Engagement Services, Software Implementation services and Consultancy to deliver best-practice Supplier Engagement.

With S4RB products and services, empowered teams turn customers into brand advocates and suppliers into brand champions to create a Unified Brand eXperience (UBX).

An Introduction to Supplier Engagement

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Supplier Engagement

An Introduction to UBX

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Unified Brand Experience
  • The Supplier Assault Course
    The Supplier Assault Course

    It could be considered the fundamental question here at S4RB… What is Supplier Engagement? Is it an action or a destination? Is it the means, or the end? Do......

  • The Subjectivity of Supplier Engagement
    Subjectivity and Supplier Engagement

    Somewhere in that fascinating, and yet worryingly complex human mind a memory is stirred – of a taste, of a smell, of pain or happiness, and whatever it is,......

  • Bazaarvoice
    Making the Most of Customer Feedback

    Bazaarvoice offer a great solution for collecting and using customer ratings and reviews. Their recent Boots case study is just one example of how effective their service can be.......