To solve the unique challenges facing private brand retailers, our solutions provide insights into product performance and introduce collaboration with suppliers into activities around product quality, innovation, incident management and brand initiatives.

Our experience has allowed us to develop two proven routes to help retailers achieve their private brand goals and deliver a Unified Brand Experience (UBX): working with suppliers as ‘One Team’ and working around a shared ‘One View’ of product performance.

Extend your team by working together with suppliers to maximise your available resources. Manage your supply base workload and provide consistent instruction for suppliers to drive efficient operations and foster good relations. Work with the best suppliers to improve product performance, make cost savings and deliver brand strategy.

We achieve this One Team way of working via our supplier engagement consultancy services and supplierENGAGE™ cloud software.

Collect all of your data and multi-channel customer feedback about own brand products in one place. Gain continuous oversight of product performance and the insight to understand root causes of problems, helping you to make decisions. Reduce reporting and quickly consolidate information for stakeholders. Measure product strategy progress.

Providing this insight to meet the retailer’s specific objectives is achieved using our suite of UBX cloud services.

An Introduction to Supplier Engagement

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An Introduction to UBX Cloud Services

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