With powerful supplierENGAGE™ communications tools, send messages that get measurable results, collect data and feedback from any sized group, and reduce the time you spend doing it all using flexible, automated campaigns. Your suppliers will always know exactly what you need from them.

More than that, supplierENGAGE™ empowers suppliers to find the information they need to meet their targets through the online knowledge base, support documentation and videos. No need to bother you with time-consuming queries. And if a supplier does contact you with a question, you can quickly incorporate the answer into the existing self-help resources available 24/7 for everyone to see.

A suite of visual management tools complements the communication and support features of supplierENGAGE™ and helps you create complete transparency in your Supplier relationships. Make performance and progress visible via easy-to-understand online Key Performance Indicator (KPI) dashboards in order to keep your suppliers motivated to meet targets and incentivize them to improve.


Daily global transactions supported by Oracle's RightNow CX

supplierENGAGE™ is highly configurable to meet your specific requirements, utilizing Oracle’s RightNow CX cloud-services platform which supports over 2 billion global transactions a day for some of the world’s largest brands. Consequently supplierENGAGE™ is secure, resilient, proven, quick-start, scalable and flexible.

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