Email Communications

Powerful messages that get through to the right person every time

The supplierENGAGE™ email communications tool is an information revelation.

Flexible templates ensure complete brand consistency and highly professional presentation across all your email communications.  In addition, the power to manage complex contact lists and target specific segments of your audience means you will get through to the right person every time. Avoid bombarding everyone with irrelevant information, keep your audience’s attention and receive quick responses.

Campaign functionality is also built in to supplierEngage™, allowing you to automate a large number of the communications. These would otherwise consume your team’s time. You can minimise resources and maximise communications.  This is true whether it’s an intelligent first response to a supplier query or an entire compliance campaign which collects specific information and chases non-responders.

supplierENGAGE™ gives you complete control and oversight of the whole life-cycle of your communications with powerful analytics tools. It allows you to gain valuable business insights and build Supplier Engagement.

You can check if suppliers have received and acted on your messages. Non-responders are chased automatically.

Typical savings can total £100,000 annually. And all from a single tool.

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