One Team for Incident Management

Mobilize your supplier network and resolve incidents of any size quickly and effectively

Urgent action is needed when issues arise with your products.  Whether it’s product-specific customer feedback, or a major incident like the contamination of your food supply chain, the integrity of your brand is at stake.

supplierENGAGE™ provides powerful tools to mobilise your supplier network and resolve incidents of any size quickly and effectively.

Using advanced audience segmentation, the relevant people within your supplier organisations are contacted quickly and data collected.  The cause of the incident can be established rapidly, providing all the information to ensure that the correct action is taken. Everything is kept moving by automatically chasing people who are slow to respond – those who are at fault are held accountable through visual management.

Suppliers are empowered to take action as quickly as possible by giving them access to relevant documentation and self-help resources through a web portal. Visual Management tools allow you to see, at a glance, progress being made towards a resolution. Suppliers can check on what has been done to resolve the issue – and action that still needs to be taken.

Throughout the whole incident management process, supplierENGAGE™ enables you to increase speed and efficiency, and to establish and maintain traceability to ensure the same issue does not occur again.

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