Supplier On-boarding

Get new suppliers up to speed with your specific requirements, policies and processes

Keep your suppliers on board and up to speed.

The Supplier On-boarding tool in supplierENGAGE™ uses intuitive, automated paths to get new suppliers up to speed with your specific requirements, policies and processes. This is all achieved quickly, efficiently, and with minimal resources.

The ingenious tool fits straight into your organisation’s current processes, with support for single or multi-gate approval with multiple administrators. An online dashboard gives you an at-a-glance overview of pending, in progress and completed on-boarding requests – so you’re always up to date with the state of play. And quick-start implementation means the tool is up and running within days – achieving a speedy return on investment.

You will demonstrate due diligence by making sure that suppliers have read and understood your FAQ and policy documentation, have completed all necessary training, and are in possession of valid certificates, audits and insurance.

At the same time, you will set your suppliers up for success by guiding them through the knowledge they need to work well with you, including how to maintain product information and specifications to your requirements.

This proven on-boarding methodology can also accelerate the roll-out of new initiatives or systems to existing suppliers – such as automated artwork or product information management systems.

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