Supplier Self-Help

Support your suppliers whilst reducing the number of queries you have to deal with

Answering queries from your suppliers can easily become time-consuming and disruptive, costing you and your brand valuable time and resources.

The industry-leading Supplier Self Help functionality provided by supplierENGAGE™ typically leads to a saving of £100,000 a year in resource costs by reducing the number of queries you have to deal with.

Intelligent search coupled with easy-to-digest knowledge – FAQs, explainer videos and documentation – empowers suppliers to find and understand the information they need quickly and independently. They can rate content for helpfulness, or subscribe to specific questions, receiving alerts if any updates are made.

There are always going to be some requests for information that aren’t yet in the Supplier Self-Help portal. Ask a Question functionality allows suppliers to submit their queries online, removing the disruptive and time consuming “I’ve just got a quick question” phone calls and centralising requests for knowledge.

Gaps and trends are identified. The value of the Supplier Self-Help Portal can be maximised for all of your suppliers. And specific requests for information receive the right answers – every time.

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