Surveys & Data Collection

Collect and analyse data and feedback from your suppliers

Collecting the vital information that you need to run a streamlined business can be quick and easy.

The supplierENGAGE™ survey tool gives you the power to collect and analyse data and feedback from your suppliers rapidly – using minimal resources.

‘Build and deploy’ surveys make it easy and intuitive for your suppliers to provide the information you require. Then, you can target specific segments of your audience to make sure your request for data goes straight to the relevant people. Automated email reminders chase suppliers for you and ensure extremely high response rates.

It’s also easy to provide your suppliers with the support they need to fill in your surveys fast and accurately. Surveys you build work seamlessly with the supplierENGAGE™ Knowledgebase to provide contextual answers.

All the information you collect is stored centrally. You can track the performance of your data collection campaigns, and perform powerful analysis of the results.

You can even compare the results of a survey with data from the past in order to track progress.

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