Visual Management

Presenting complex data in a way that is easy to understand

Visual Management keeps vital information flowing between you and your suppliers.

By presenting complex data in a way that is easy to understand, it enables you to make your objectives clear and keep track of Key Performance Indicators (KPI).

The Visual Management functionality in supplierENGAGE™ takes data from your communications, surveys, process stage gates and more to provide real-time feedback around the metrics that matter to you and to your brand. This information is available for your suppliers on colourful online dashboards – through the Supplier Web Portal included in supplierENGAGE™.

Bringing this kind of openness and transparency to your supplier relationships leads to better Supplier Engagement and more effective Supplier Performance Management. Your suppliers will understand what is required of them (and by when), and will be motivated and empowered to meet their targets.

To maximize your suppliers’ effectiveness without increasing your workload, you can provide links from each dashboard item to relevant information in your supplierENGAGE™ Knowledgebase to explain how to understand the information, and what action to take in order to improve.

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