UBX Cloud Services

Unified Brand Experience drives sales and growth for your private label products by turning customers into brand advocates and suppliers into brand champions.

Solution for Retail Brands (S4RB) has developed the first software products to link customer experience and Supplier Engagement in this way. Our UBX Cloud Services bring together all parties from the supplier to the consumer to participate in a joined-up community.

Now, front-line retail staff can engage more confidently with customers, thanks to UBX Cloud Services. Rapid access to fact-based, relevant information about your products and suppliers gives quality and depth to their interactions. This enhances customer experience as customers are made to feel more respected and involved, and better served.

Your suppliers have always been the backbone of your retail brand initiatives. With UBX Cloud Services you have the tools to partner more effectively with them.

You can exchange up-to-the-minute information with your suppliers in order to resolve customer complaints quickly, and drive product improvement and innovation.

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