Innovation Management

Create exceptional new products by collaborating with your customers and suppliers

Over 90% of new products fail to meet their sales performance expectations. This is often down to a lack of qualitative customer feedback during the development of new products.

Retailers and brand owners already have access to loyal customers who are willing to take part in new product trials and reviews.

The cost of managing such projects can make customer sampling prohibitively expensive. However, with UBX Cloud Services, retailers can now gather customer feedback with ease, or even delegate the responsibility to suppliers who can both manage and fund the process. A suite of powerful tools enables them to engage a segment of loyal customers – driving improvement and innovation in products.

This can be taken to new levels with planned in-store events, boosting customers’ brand commitment, building great theatre in stores (and online) and gaining extra participation from customers.

With UBX Cloud Services, you can create great customer experiences and build your customers’ loyalty. At the same times, suppliers become more engaged and retailers see more consistent performance in new products.

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