UBX baseHUB™

Measure your performance across a whole product range

Are your private label products performing? You and your suppliers must know about their performance in the real world.

UBX baseHUB™ is a powerful tool for gathering and sharing real-world input relating to your products. Suppliers and retail teams can use it to gain instant visibility of important data from a wide variety of sources. It is the key to creating your own Unified Brand eXperience (UBX).

UBX baseHUB™ gathers data about customer complaints, testing results, lab reports and even social media mentions. These are collected in a single database. You and your suppliers can then view this information instantly in a consistent and repeatable format on custom dashboards. This allows you to measure your performance across a whole product range or on a product-by-product basis – and take appropriate action.

Why not turn all your data, including customer feedback – even negative comments – into brand improvement and satisfaction?

Your customers’ ideas and passions will drive product innovation and ‘own brand’ success.

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