Product panel testing and reporting made simple

Benchmark, sensory and consistency panels can be managed through PanelLINK to capture insights on product quality, product consistency and benchmark performance against the chosen competitors; both against national brand and versus competitive private brands.

Changing consumer tastes mean it’s now more important than ever to collect product feedback beyond the traditional organoleptic properties. This includes feedback relating to packaging performance, branding and on-pack claims such as those relating to health and wellness and social impact.

PanelLINK™ enables you to capture all of your product insights in one place to gain ‘one truth’ about your private brand products. This includes specific product assessments as well as a view of supplier and product performance across range, department or category.

A collaborative cloud-based tool, UBX PanelLINK replaces the myriad individual spreadsheets all too often used at the moment and provides quick reporting to improve efficiency for technical managers, product managers and your private brand suppliers. All of your testing results are in one place, providing insights and improved reporting that help you to make informed decisions about new and existing product development.

Collaboration with suppliers in this way enables them to increase accuracy and contribute to product innovation while saving you time by enabling suppliers to proactively respond to product issues.

An integral part of UBX Cloud Services, PanelLINK test performance can be combined with customer feedback from call centres, social media and in-store returns to inform decisions which drive quality and delight customers, driving sales and customer loyalty.

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