We’ve listened to own brand retailers and we’ve launched the Affinity™ platform to help solve their unique challenges.

Our experience has allowed us to develop two proven routes to help retailers achieve their own brand goals and deliver a Unified Brand Experience: working with suppliers as One Team and working around a shared One View of product performance.

Using the Affinity platform allows retailers to do this.

One View

Affinity allows own brand retailers to work around a shared One View of product performance to:

  • Collect all their data and multi-channel feedback about own brand products in one place.
  • Gain continuous oversight of product performance and the insight to understand emerging issues, aiding decision making.
  • Reduce reporting and quickly consolidate information for stakeholders.
  • Measure progress of the entire own brand product strategy.

One Team

Affinity allows own brand retailers to work together with suppliers as One Team to:

  • Extend their team by working together with suppliers to maximise all available resources.
  • Manage the supply base workload and provide consistent instruction for suppliers to drive efficient operations and foster good relations.
  • Identify and work with the best suppliers to improve product performance, make cost savings and deliver brand strategy.

Inside Own Brands

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