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A platform that enables retailers to work with their suppliers as One Team around One View of customer feedback to grow own brand customer advocacy and sales.

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The four stages of customer feedback management maturity


[1] Siloed systems that fail to move the dial on own brand performance


[2] Work with suppliers as One Team around One View of customer feedback


[3] Address previously hidden trends and issues bubbling under the surface


[4] Understanding where customer feedback is directly impacting sales

[1] Siloed systems that fail to move the dial on own brand performance


Modern retail own brand teams live in a world of dozens of systems, hundreds of suppliers, thousands of spreadsheets and tens of thousands of lines:

✘ Increased user training and support overhead
✘ Barriers to supplier collaboration
✘ Costly and complex system integrations
✘ Increased risk of inaccuracies and errors
✘ Reduced process efficiency and effectiveness

As a result, your team is unable to: 

1. Consistently hold suppliers accountable for product quality issues
2. Make a meaningful impact on the customer experience


Our White Paper "Solving the product quality conundrum: the real value of own brand customer feedback" examines the impact product quality has the on the value of a purchase and of future purchases and that, by understanding the customer drivers, retailers are able to prioritise work to achieve and protect the most value in their products.

Improving how you manage customer feedback unlocks: 


20x more sets of eyes on customer feedback


17% reduction in complaints



10% improvement in new product development launch success rates 

[2] Work with suppliers as One Team around One View of customer feedback


The volume of customer feedback is enormous. Therefore most retailers focus purely on the ‘serious’ complaints - either safety related or large scale incidents. 

S4RB AffinityTM evenly distributes this load by enabling retailers to securely share customer feedback in accessible online dashboards. They can then collaborate with suppliers around product quality issues and hold them accountable to deliver permanent resolutions.

  • Call centre complaints, returns and sales performance
  • Online ratings and reviews and social media
  • Third-party testing, benchmarking and sensory panel results

One US retailer worked with S4RB to share all consumer feedback with its suppliers resulting in improved quality, product innovation and an 18% increase in sales, read the case study. We helped another retailer reduce product complaints by 17% in less than twelve months. Read the case study. 


Sharing customer feedback data with suppliers will:


Lead to 75% reduction in time to resolution


Reduce Complaints per Million Units by 0.5, saving  +£100k on call centre and product return overheads 


Empower suppliers to identify, recommend and commercially justify innovations


Improve the supplier experience, helping you to become their customer of choice

[3] Address previously hidden trends and issues bubbling under the surface


Typically retailers focus on the "tip of the iceberg" of product quality issues because that is all the team can manage: Which products in each categories have the highest volume of complaints?

Once you overcome this challenge by sharing customer feedback with suppliers, you are now able to analyse customer feedback in a more critical way to uncover previously hidden trends and issues that have been bubbling under the surface and hurting your own brand.

S4RB Own Brand Advisory apply their award-winning experience and expertise from working with the world's most successful own brand to enhance your customer feedback reporting in a way that suppliers and own brand teams can make better decisions day-to-day to where they spend their time and direct their focus:


Three ways your retail team should think differently:

[4] Understand where customer feedback is directly impacting sales


Applying emerging technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence to customer feedback management makes it possible to see where customer feedback is impacting sales - empowering your team to have a measurable positive impact on the bottom-line.

We integrated the Warwick Analytics PrediCX engine into the S4RB Affinity™ platform and created a retail grocery specific model designed to look beyond keywords and use advanced machine learning to identify emotion and intent.

Twitter chatter mentioning the UK's top six retailers was labelled and categorised resulting in the identification of several key themes in the market. Many identifying where customer feedback could impact sales. You can read the Supermarket Social report here. 


By applying such technologies, your retail team has the opportunity to:


Stem +£1.5m in lost sales from quality issues


5-15% Reduction in customer churn


Increase customer satisfaction, sales and loyalty

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Getting greater value from your customer feedback: 8 things you need to start doing now

In this webinar discover how to:

  • Increase the number of eyes reviewing feedback by 20x
  • Reduce time to resolution by 75%
  • Identify problems above and beyond most mentioned products
  • Identify where customer satisfaction is affecting sales 

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