Customer feedback

Collaborative solutions to drive efficiency, consistency and quality from customer feedback.

Manage own brand product feedback all in one place

As we all know, omni-channel retail is about making products available to customers through as many channels as possible. With each channel comes more ways for customers to provide their feedback, or to put it another way, more ways for an own brand team to listen.

The challenge is that most own brand teams don’t have one place where all the feedback relating to their products comes together to allow them to see the complete picture.

Own brand quality teams typically use dozens of systems and spreadsheets to manage hundreds of suppliers supplying thousands of products.

This makes it impossible to:

1. Consistently hold all suppliers accountable for quality issues.
2. Make a meaningful impact on the customer experience.

Customer feedback management for own brand retailers

S4RB’s Affinity™ platform consolidates quality metrics to create one view of product and supplier performance whilst also empowering retail teams to work together with suppliers to improve performance.

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"S4RB was massively more cost effective (than doing the work in-house). I guess it’s because they have done it before whereas we would have had to build something from scratch."

C A S E   S T U D Y

Crowdsourcing reduces product complaints by 17%



See and manage your customer feedback in one place

The overwhelming amount of information available about hundreds or even thousands of private brand products can be difficult to make sense of. Trying to collate feedback from in-store, returns, call centre, online and social media or from in-house testing makes proactively spotting opportunities for development almost impossible.

S4RB can pull all of this feedback together to provide ‘One View’ of product performance. One View highlights areas with potential to increase profit, drive sales and ensure the brand’s value proposition is being delivered.

We help you to quickly gain an understanding about your products and suppliers.

We help you to consolidate data from an ever-increasing number of sources.

We break data down into actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about new product development, existing product development and range rationalisation.


Automatically collate feedback from multiple systems and sources


View product, supplier and category level quality performance


Out-of-the-box and tailored online analysis and trend dashboards

○  Call centre and store customer feedback
○  Online rating, reviews and social media feedback
○  Returns and good will gestures
○  Inspections and surveillance test results
○  Audit results
○  Calculate complaints per million units (CPMU)

Securely share customer feedback with your suppliers

Using our Supplier Engagement methods, we enable you to share the information that matters with your suppliers, helping you to maximise their effectiveness without increasing your workload.


Supplier-facing dashboards for just their products


Benchmark performance against peers with category averages and ‘acceptable thresholds’

Hold suppliers accountable for quality issues


Generate supplier scorecards based on combined quality metrics


Automatically trigger conversation based on quality thresholds or failed tests


Manually begin a conversation with a supplier about any metric or trend


Attach and link relevant documents, photos and information


Assign corrective actions with resolution dates


Measure supplier on time issue resolution with online dashboards


Easily monitor 'resolved' issues to ensure permanent resolution


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