Faced with the laborious task of collating the results of countless telephone calls to suppliers and surveys, retail brand teams know that it doesn’t matter how long it’s going to take to finish the task, it just has to get done. Whether the need is driven internally, for example to support product development or by external factors such as new legislation, it is essential to quickly gain an understanding about certain aspects of products and suppliers to be able to make decisions on next steps.

S4RB can help to rapidly gather information about products and the suppliers that make them.

  • Our solution provides visibility over your products and suppliers, allowing you access to the information that you require, to the level of detail that you specify.
  • We can use your existing data, cleaning it as we go, providing a dedicated resource to communicate with your suppliers and provide reports to your specifications.
  • Understanding your deadlines, real-time results allow you to start making decisions based on the data as you receive it.
  • We reduce the time you spend answering supplier queries.
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