Lewis Carroll wrote ‘integrity is doing the right thing when no-one is watching’. So it is with brand integrity. Whether it be staying compliant with legislation, remaining true to sustainable practices, being consistent with diversity commitments, applying good ethical standards or rigorously checking quality, brand integrity plays a crucial role in today’s retail supply chain.

Making sure that suppliers live up to these commitments can be difficult and time-consuming to manage. Limited resources often mean that processes are crude, slow and not well-tracked, opening up the possibility of mistakes and inconsistencies. It’s clear that this approach is not only costing valuable time and money but putting the entire brand at risk.

Whether consistency testing products or ensuring compliance with legislation, our approach offers a complete solution to reduce errors and provide traceability.

  • We help you to quickly gain an understanding about your products and suppliers.
  • Reporting becomes instant with real-time stats giving immediate visibility over progress and areas requiring attention.
  • We can use existing supplier contact data, cleaning it as we go, providing a dedicated communications resource and reports built to specification.
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