The overwhelming amount of information available about hundreds or even thousands of private brand products can be difficult to make sense of. Trying to collate feedback from in-store, returns, call centre, online and social media or from in-house testing makes proactively spotting opportunities for development almost impossible.

S4RB can pull all of this feedback together to provide ‘One View’ of product performance. One View highlights areas with potential to increase profit, drive sales and ensure the brand’s value proposition is being delivered.

  • We help you to quickly gain an understanding about your products and suppliers.
  • We help you to consolidate data from an ever-increasing number of sources.
  • We break data down into actionable insights, allowing you to make informed decisions about new product development, existing product development and range rationalisation.

Using our Supplier Engagement methods, we enable you to share the information that matters with your suppliers, helping you to maximise their effectiveness without increasing your workload.

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